5 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Garage This Spring

Spring is almost here. This means it’s time to declutter and organize your home, including what would be the most challenging room for some—the garage. After all, you don’t need to see that dusty old grill or out-of-place mop bucket for one more day. Let’s look at some tips you can refer to for cleaning…

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How Waste To Energy Works – A Sustainable Disposal Option

While waste-to-energy plants aren’t one of the best clean energy sources, they’re good at reducing the amount of waste a country sends to landfills.  Burning trash or municipal solid waste (MSW) also prevents organic materials from emitting methane, which happens when that kind of garbage decomposes over time.  There are two categories of waste-to-energy plants.…

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Philadelphia Furniture Pick Up Guide

old furniture on the curb in Philadelphia

Getting rid of old furniture in Philadelphia isn’t always as easy as just leaving it on the curb for the trash company. There are many rules and regulations based on your city or township’s trash collection that, if not followed, will result in having your large furniture items left on the curb or sometimes fines.…

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